Protect the Rainforest

$ 39 
Double-sided poster. 50x70cm size.

8-way folded for shipping.

Giclee printed with love at San Diego City College. Printed on fine art paper with a 100% cotton rag content. Acid free.

All proceeds raised from the sale of our posters will be donated to three organizations whose work has inspired us.

Please allow 1–2 months for printing and shipping.
Designed By

Antonio Navarro Jr

This playful tropical piece was inspired by the plant kingdom as it is slowly vanishing at rapid speeds due to unregulated deforestation happening throughout the world. Nature does not only sustains human life by providing us with oxygen, and food to eat; but it is also the home to many animal species who are slowly becoming in danger of losing their habitats. It is our human responsibility to protect these innocent creatures from the destruction that may come from the developing world. It is through these ideals and observations that this design was conceived in hopes to raise awareness and inspire others to raise their voice in solidarity with the animal and plant kingdoms.

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