Let's Talk About the Climate

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Double-sided poster. 50x70cm size.

8-way folded for shipping.

Giclee printed with love at San Diego City College. Printed on fine art paper with a 100% cotton rag content. Acid free.

All proceeds raised from the sale of our posters will be donated to three organizations whose work has inspired us.

Please allow 1–2 months for printing and shipping.
Designed By

Silvia Diffenderfer

Why talk about the climate crisis? It might seem like a small step, but climate communication experts say it’s one of the most important actions you can take to raise awareness about the issues. In the United States, where about 7 out of 10 people think that global warming is happening, only about 4 out of 10 discuss it occasionally or regularly [1]. The subject can feel intimidating. Yet you don’t need to be a climate science expert to discuss climate change; in fact, when people hear about climate change from someone they know, they’re more likely to consider the issues than when they hear about climate change from distant figures [2]. Simply discussing key facts and personal concerns with someone close to you can kick-start a cycle of learning, concern, and action. So how can you do this in your social circle? This poster suggests four steps to get a conversation started.

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