Green New Deal!

$ 39 
Double-sided poster. 50x70cm size.

8-way folded for shipping.

Giclee printed with love at San Diego City College. Printed on fine art paper with a 100% cotton rag content. Acid free.

All proceeds raised from the sale of our posters will be donated to three organizations whose work has inspired us.

Please allow 1–2 months for printing and shipping.
Designed By

Rafael Sanchez

The purpose of this poster is to inform people with some of the main key points of the Green New Deal and how we can approach the problem of climate change on a larger scale rather than just individual actions. The goal of the front side of the poster is to create a captivating image that sends a powerful message to the viewer that the world is chanting for a new deal that will help solve the problem at hand. And for the back of the poster I included ten key points that summarize the Green New Deal that can help understand the takeaways. The approach I took for this poster was to use handwritten typography that would appear on a sign at a climate protest. I based my poster on the topic the Green New Deal because it is a plan that actually acknowledges a lot of the problems around climate change that can help us move closer to a solution.

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