Fighting Climate Change With Modernization

$ 39 
Double-sided poster. 50x70cm size.

8-way folded for shipping.

Giclee printed with love at San Diego City College. Printed on fine art paper with a 100% cotton rag content. Acid free.

All proceeds raised from the sale of our posters will be donated to three organizations whose work has inspired us.

Please allow 1–2 months for printing and shipping.
Designed By

Brian Frank

The goal of my poster was to try to shine a different light on climate change. Making a difference wont just come from a new technology, innovation, or government program. It will come from us and how we live. Energy production is the primary source of pollutions and excess emissions into the environment. By converting our homes into more than just dwellings, utilizing solar, wind, geothermal, and tidal energy, combined with back yard gardens and indoor hydroponics, our homes can be the front lines in the fight against pollution, food shortages, and negative impacts to the environment. Water and energy efficient appliances can allow us to do more with less and save money in the process.

The overall theme of the poster was to show how to take a lifestyle of the past and modernize it. Parodying vintage ads and giving them a modern twist. To perhaps guide future homes and families to a sustainable future and keeping the traditional “American Dream” alive.

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